Grape harvest at Stella Vineyard Kefalonia, Greece - Studios in Kefalonia island, Lourdas - Stella Vineyard

Grape harvest at Stella Vineyard Kefalonia, Greece

A much dedicated worker indeed! Come and join us! We harvest our white – a Chardonnay – in July and our red -a Cabernet Sauvignon and Mavro Daphni (a Greek variety) mid and end of August. Book a studio at Stella Vineyard and participate in this fiesta! This form of agrotourism is most certainly unique. […]

Stella Vineyard Accommodation: A very happy customer!

Meet one of our many happy customers! Stella Vineyard: Unforgettable holiday accommodation in Lourdas, Kefalonia. Stella Vineyard consists of 6 self-catering studios located in our vineyard, at the foothills of Mount Ainos and overlooking a virgin beach. So, what are you waiting for to book your accommodation? 🙂

A unique form of sight seeing in kefalonia – ecotourism at its best!

A very special way of discovering the beautiful island of Kefalonia is by bicycle. Kostantinos Kabitsis organizes bicycle tours for small groups. He will make you discover special places, unknown to most tourists. Kostantinos will gladly prepare an itinerary that fits your needs. More information on these tours can be found in his website […]

The olive picking season: a worthwhile experience!

Want to participate in picking olives? Beginning of November, the surroundings of Stella Vineyard become very animated with the sound of people all around on the cliff picking olives. The gods always seem to be part of the fiesta, with temperatures quite mild and the sun shining most of the time. Big nets are set […]

An alternative form of tourism in Kefalonia

We had guests a few years ago who had come in the month of April and as usual with new guests, I started telling them how to go to the beach, which is just below Stella Vineyard’s property. They immediately replied: ”The mountain! Show us the way to the mountain”. They belonged to a club, […]

The Monastery of Sissia

Nearby Stella Vineyard studios is the monastery of Sissia, one of the oldest monasteries on the island of Kefalonia. It would have been erected by St Francis of Assisi (San Francisco d’Assisi from which the monastery most probably takes its name) in the thirteenth century and was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It later became […]