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An alternative form of tourism in Kefalonia

We had guests a few years ago who had come in the month of April and as usual with new guests, I started telling them how to go to the beach, which is just below Stella Vineyard's property. They immediately replied: ''The mountain! Show us the way to the mountain''. They belonged to a club, if I remember correctly, called ''Alpine Garden Society'' and spent their time looking for rare flowers. They were very happy to inform me that they had found while trekking on Mount Ainos (the tallest mountain of Kefalonia - 1628m) a very rare orchid.

Kefalonia certainly deserves to be visited in springtime for its flora. One flower seen a lot on the cliff around Stella Vineyard is called cistus (in Greek: kistos) from the rock-rose family cistaceae (of white or pink colour). The essential oil extracted from the plant's leaves is very expensive and is used mostly in skincare (especially for mature skin, that is for existing or imminent wrinkles). It is claimed to have wound healing properties (helping in the process of formation of scar tissue, cell regeneration).

There are around 400 different species of plants in the national park of Ainos. One of them is the very beautiful Viola Cephalonica of the family Violaceae. It is found at an altitude of 1500 to 1600 meters and grows in May in between rocks.

Another beautiful flower that can be seen on Mount Ainos in April is called Wild or Male Peony (Paeonia Mascula. ssp russi)

Here is a picture of an orchis pauciflora from the family orchidaceae) which can be seen in May. Come and admire these beautiful flowers. We will be very happy to accommodate you and show you how to get to the top of the mountain.